Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Our foundation aims to protect the children  of Maui County from sexual abuse and mitigate the effects of disclosure, investigation, navigating the complex legal system, and social factors. The Safe Keiki Project provides a voice for child victims and secondary survivors of sexual abuse. We support victims' healing through education, advocacy, counseling, legislative lobbying, and assistance navigating the community socio-legal systems.

Child sexual abuse, assault and exploitation are found universally but is under-reported. Young children require more attention because they are unable to verbalize their trauma in a way that investigators believe, or criminal workers can prove. 


The founders of the Safe Keiki Project are  vocal advocates for the physical and emotional well-being of young children on Maui and their families. We have zero tolerance for abuse of any kind but believe that sexual abuse requires special attention. 

The Safe Keiki Project:

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